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For over 30 years Dunwell Corporation has been committed to increasing our investors wealth with the highest rate of return by use of experienced drilling procedures and proven lucrative drilling locations.



Investment Calculator

We have an  interactive calculator that was developed for in-house use to quickly test the economic value and limits of a particular prospect based on all the available information. This version complex and gives barrels of oil or MCF figures for gas to reach payout for the investor in the venture.


Tax Benefits

Investing in oil has enjoyed superior tax treatment for the investor with a significant income tax liability. The risk associated with the investment has been offset by the ability to deduct the investment.

The Dunwell Difference

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Dunwell Corporation’s core area of operations is along the upper gulf coast region of South Texas. Dunwell has gone to great lengths to secure valuable oil leases in the fields that have proven reserves. These valuable mineral leases were attained by years of research and significant industry connections.

Founded  in 1977,  Dunwell Corporation then known as Dusa Drilling Company,  provided contract drilling services for Mr. Duncan’s private oil and gas production company, Big D Oil and Gas. The company has drilled and operated hundreds of vertical oil and gas wells, drilled eight horizontal wells, and organized numerous limited partnerships and joint venture drilling operations within Texas and other states.